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Copper Repousse panel by Carl Close Jr

Copper Repousse panel  by Carl Close Jr

This is a Copper panel that is created by a process of metalworking called repousse . Repousse is a technique that has been practiced since the dawn of time.The work involves using small steel punches and chisels to raise volume from the back of the material . The material is backed up with a pine resin compound called pitch to support the copper as it is being worked . The Front of panels are then chased with hammer and chisels to bring life and detail to the design .If you are interested in the art of Repousse and want to learn from a Master , please look up Valentin Yotkov online at http://www.valetinyotkov.com.
He is a wonderful guy as well as a superb teacher !

Custom wrought iron grill

 Custom wrought iron grill

These are some wrought iron grilles we made for a house that was inspired by french style wrought iron .They were made to fit inside a circular window frame .